Employment Opportunities

Job Title :

Structural Engineer

Requirements :
Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering; and must be enrolled as Engineer Intern.
Job Duties :
Design of the structural system of commercial buildings, which involves performing the structural calculations, production of the construction drawings, and construction administration during construction. These calculations include calculation of building loads as required by national and local codes. Design of both the gravity and lateral system of the building to support design loads. This includes the design of floors, beams, columns, foundations, and bracing in common building materials such as steel, concrete, wood, and masonry.
Mail Resume To :
HR, Lange Structural Group, LLC, 1919 S. 40th Street, Ste 302, Lincoln, NE, 68506.
Jobsite :
1919 S. 40th Street, Ste 302, Lincoln, NE, 68506.